• Las Rosadas

    Mexico!!! Awww Mexico. It has a special place in my heart. We just got home from a week of pure heaven at Las Rosadas and as we were leaving, Doug ... View Post

    Las Rosadas
  • My Marriage Secret

    People ask me all the time, "What's the secret to your happy marriage?"... and I really don't have an amazing answer. There is no real secret but ... View Post

    My Marriage Secret
  • Seeking the Lord

    I think sometimes I don’t pray boldly because of fear. I’m scared if I make bold prayers and Gods doesn’t come through, I’ll have reason to doubt him. ... View Post

    Seeking the Lord

    I am in love with this dress! It is so feminine and romantic. The mermaid cut of the bottom paired with the lace detailing adds a little bit of glamor ... View Post

  • Favorite Wardrobe Staple

    I am loving this Shoshanna Sweater dress. The herringbone jacquard stitching across the front is so flattering, it gives you curves and is one of my ... View Post

    Favorite Wardrobe Staple